If it's not a technical blog post, I probably classify it as an essay.

Evernote, and Privacy Preserving Applications
Part technical post, part essay on how to develop applications that are still feature-rich but respect privacy.
Some thoughts on "Potential funding for crypto-related projects"
A long email I wrote in Jun 2013 about places we could put funding.
Fixing Revocation For Web Browsers on the Internet
A whitepaper I wrote in late 2012 about the state of revocation and the path forward.
Some Initial Thoughts on Pond
Pond is an encrypted messaging project by Adam Langely. I took a look, less as an audit, more as a architecture wondering...
On Couchsurfing's New Terms of Service
I can't say I've kept up with Couchsurfing, but when they put in a new Terms of Service in late 2012, it was just messed up.
An Open Letter to The Calyx Institute
I wrote an open letter to The Calyx Institute asking them to help us run anonyminity services via an ISP who won't shut us down.
US v Fricosu - Compelled Disclosure of Encryption Keys
A survery the two prior and one new pending court case on the topic of court-compelled disclosure of encryption keys.
examining the ca/browser forum requirements draft
Taking a look at the draft of new requirements for Certificate Authorities.
architecture of buenos aires
Paying hommage to ScoutingNY, I take a look at three buildings around BA that have struck me.
bruce schneier is wrong
Bruce Schneier recently gave what I think is absolutely horrid advice, and I tell you to do the opposite.
being prepared
The Boy Scout motto is "Be Prepared". After a dozen years in scouting, I finally figured out what that meant in just the past couple years. How much stuff is in your pockets is just the tip of the iceberg in something I feel is incredibly important.
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